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How architecture can create dignity for all | John Cary

If architect and writer John Cary has his way, women will never need to stand in pointlessly long bathroom lines again. Lines like these are representative of a more serious issue, Cary says: the lack of diversity in design that leads to thoughtless, compassionless spaces. Design has a unique ability to dignify and make people feel valued, respected, honored and seen — but the flip side is also true. Cary… Read More »

How to Create a Bathroom in Revit Architecture

How to Create a Bathroom in Revit This video was intended for educational use at Lakeville South High School. This video demonstrates how Revit can be used and should be used as a learning tool to get started but not for use on professional products. Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/iPhoneon_07 Any questions or comments? Email Us: iPhoneon@me.com Like, Comment, Subscribe Thanks For Watching ©iPhoneon Video Rating: / 5

How Can You Create A Best Bathroom Design Sydney By Following The Online Tips?

by lizzie.datify The Bathroom Design Sydney can help to develop a bathroom which is ideal for you. The online bathroom designs refer to learning as much as possible about what type of design the most attractive and functional bathroom really needs. The bathroom can serve as more than just a room for grooming and personal hygiene. For instance, if you have sufficient space, then you can add a TV or… Read More »