Most Opulent Art Deco En Suite in Eltham Palace

By | November 28, 2017

Some cool exotic bathroom design images:

Most Opulent Art Deco En Suite in Eltham Palace
exotic bathroom design
Image by catchesthelight
"Virginia Courtauld’s Bathroom: The exotic en suite bathroom was also designed by Malacrida. It is the most opulent in the house, and accord with Vogue’s comment in 1935: ‘bathrooms nowadays look more expensive than any rooms in the house’. It has a vaulted ceiling and walls lined with onyx and embellished with black slate disks on to which are set glass spheres. The bath has gold-plated taps and a lion’s-mask spout. It sits within a gold mosaic niche containing a statue of the goddess Psyche (the lover of Cupid). This combination of classical statuary and modern design followed the latest Parisian vogue. The bathroom would have been filled with the fragrance of gardenia – Ginie’s favourite scent."

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