Kitchen quirks – a hidden plug socket from the Pasadena White range

By | December 12, 2017

A few nice cool bathroom design images I found:

Kitchen quirks – a hidden plug socket from the Pasadena White range
cool bathroom design
Image by BettaLivingUK
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diagram of a very nice bathroom in hokkaido, japan
cool bathroom design
Image by arievergreen
drawing of a bathroom of a place in japan. the three rooms each have doors, giving increasing levels of privacy based on frequency of use. very cool setup, i always remember it as a good one.

the shower was one of those shower heads on a metal hose thing, with a little mount high up on the wall for a "western-style" shower, and another one low down on the wall. you’d put the shower head there, sit on a little stool, and use a little bucket thing and the shower head to wash up really well. then you could unroll the cover on the hig deep tub and soak for a bit if you wanted to.

roll over it for notes – i labeled the different bits.

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