Image from page 99 of “The Architect & engineer of California and the Pacific Coast” (1905)

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Some cool best bathroom architecture images:

Image from page 99 of “The Architect & engineer of California and the Pacific Coast” (1905)
best bathroom architecture
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: architectenginee0910sanf
Title: The Architect & engineer of California and the Pacific Coast
Year: 1905 (1900s)
Subjects: Architecture Architecture Architecture Building
Publisher: San Francisco, Calif. : Architect and Engineer Co
Contributing Library: San Francisco Public Library
Digitizing Sponsor: San Francisco Public Library

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Text Appearing Before Image:
contest more worthy of your powers, and keep your- ca inrforn.L n r ^^ ^T ^^^ ^° >^^^ ^^th some difficultytheTr^nfr/e t ?u F°-/emember, everything seems arraved against he architect. The inertia of men and things which is so appalling mustbe overcome; you have to go out to clo battle with your brick and stone. * * Artistic Bathrooms A well-to-do man. whose new residence was recently completed, hit upona novel plan for decorating the bath rooms. In one of them the floorsand walls represent the bottom of the ocean. Marine plants and fishesare painted on a dark green back ground. In the other bath room the beachat Atlantic City is represented, and among the crowd of bathers are theman and his family. The work was executed bv a well-known artist andthe likenesses are good. . «iii i * It Sometimes Happens I^You say Opportunity once knocked on his door^Thats what she did.Where was he at the time? Ao-e-Herald^ * ^^^ ^^ ^° ^° ^° succeed.-Birmingham 90 The Architect and fiiit^iiiecr

Text Appearing After Image:
Salesroom of the Inlaid Floor Comfatiy, San Francisco, Shozcing S/Ccimens of Someof the Firms Beautiful Hork Cleaning of Brick Fronts An expert in the sand-blasting- trade who has operated on many build-ings, on being asked as to the efficiency of the sand-blast upon soiled brick-work, said that he could not advise it except when the brick were extremelyhard. When used against stone the blast does not remove the originalface of the brick, he said, only the grime. That is the aim of the skillfuloperator. But in the case of brick not extremely hard the result might bedifferent. You can imagine that the force with which sharp sand can be driventhrough a fine nozzle is very great. If permitted it would actually cut astone in two in no time. In the case of granite, marble and cut stone theskillful operator preserves the original face of the block, but he cannotguarantee to do so with respect to all sorts of front brick. I would advisecleaning front brick with acid instead of sand-blasting.

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London Mansion
best bathroom architecture
Image by Freaktography
A medium sized mansion located in London Ontario. Six bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, countless closets and mirrors as well as a pool and Lions Head fountain.

Dome Inside
best bathroom architecture
Image by Tojosan
One of the better shots I took inside the Edward Jones Dome.

The dome was really impressive, seats many thousands of people, and best of all, has plenty of bathrooms.

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