Hardware Department

By | August 30, 2018

Some cool cool bathroom images:

Hardware Department
cool bathroom
Image by andyi
Pixar’s galactic HQ in Emeryville begins at a huge atrium populated by the company cafeteria and many employees. The point — made by Steve Jobs — was to pivot the building around a common area that encourages casual cross-pollination of ideas.

It also features a display case that contains much of their most impressive hardware…including copies of their Oscars. On the day of my visit, they’d just been nominated for 6 new Academy Awards.

Double-cool: "Toy Story 3" had been nominated for Best Animated Feature and best feature.

This is, incidentally, the correct way to place an Oscar. When past winners are asked where they keep their statuette, the common alternative answer is "Oh, I put it in the bathroom."

No, no. Front and center. Tear down your house to accomodate a rotating conversation pit area in which the Oscar is the only bit that doesn’t turn.

(Though I will award you some style points if the reason why you put it in the bathroom is "Because it’s the one room of the house that I know my visitors will enter eventually.")

PS – An Oscar is a little lumpy-looking in person. I expected some harder edges.

The coolest bathroom in SF has got to be this one
cool bathroom
Image by coleypauline
at Fabric8. Fish in the bathtub. Fish in the bathtub.

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