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Image from page 591 of “[Frost and fire : natural engines, tool-marks and chips : with sketches taken at home and abroad by a traveller]” (1864)
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Identifier: frostfirenatural04camp
Title: [Frost and fire : natural engines, tool-marks and chips : with sketches taken at home and abroad by a traveller]
Year: 1864 (1860s)
Authors: Campbell, J. F. (John Francis), 1822-1885
Subjects: Glaciers Meteorology Geology
Publisher: [Edinburgh : s.n.
Contributing Library: National Library of Scotland
Digitizing Sponsor: National Library of Scotland

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Text Appearing Before Image:
h the prevailing feature in its landscapes may be dustand ashes. 12 GEOLOGY. Atmosplieric circulation, water falling and flowing, fluidand solid ; sliding glaciers, freezing seas, ice rafts floating,rocks wearing, sediment falling to form new beds, denuda-tion, and deposition:—downward movements from theaction of cold and weight :— Eising land, hot springs, intruded rocks, lava, boiling, rising,flowing, and freezing ; volcanic projectiles rising, freezing,and falling in air; upheaval of land, upward movements ingas, fluid and solid, caused by heat:— Demolition and reconstruction by natural forces,—are notall within daily experience at home. Therefore, teaching and experience may seem to differ,but they really agree; for natural agents work everywherein the same way, and the form of their work is alike at homeand abroad, on the smallest and on the largest visible scale.The same powers work in a kettle, and in the Great Geyser;both boil, and sometimes they boil over. Camp jc;^.,

Text Appearing After Image:
Fid.Basin uf the Ui !. BoiLiat Gfy.s iflor an Eiujitiii CHAPTEr. ITT. GEOLOGY. Geology teaches generally that great changes have taken placeon the surface of the earth, and it seems to point hack to somedistant time when a crust first cooled about a molten interior. But there is nothing like a molten surface within commonexperience. The world with which we are familiar is gieenand smiling, and the old rugged crust is buried far out ofsight, or worn away. It takes skilled eyes to read the lessonsof our rocks. In Iceland nearly the whole surface has beenfused ; it is warm still in many places, and most of tlie rocksare bare, so he who rides reads. The modern geologist generally works slowly but surelydownwards through the outer crust of sedimentary rockswhich have settled layer upon layer above each other, andabout the cooled surface of the first crust, whose formation isassumed in the meantime. From sedimentary beds he digsout the shapes of creatures and plants that once lived, and hem

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