Cool Bathroom Shower Remodel Design ideas

By | June 24, 2017

Cool Bathroom Shower Remodel Design ideas

Many of the old houses have enough lights in the bathroom. You could change off the lights and put something a little space trendiest and most modern in. It makes a huge difference. If you have wallpaper and it seems have gone out of fashion. There are many wallpaper dated there. Second, Simply peel off the walls and texture with paint. This makes a huge difference. Put the ledge in the bathroom on the ceilings. You could make more base molding on floors. You can make larger base moldings. Or put some ceramic tile or natural stone tile from NICE. You can add a new high against. You can do under mounted sink or top mounted sink, which is nice in a bathroom. Redo the cabinets and if you have a shower date, you can change the surrounding area of the shower.

When remodeling a small bathroom, you have to be very careful about mounting it to all amenities, such as your toilet, bath and / or shower and sink, in a design that is close to its users. Also, consider the amount of storage space that you need to meet all your needs in the room. Beyond that, you still have free reign on aesthetics.

The easiest way to decide on a bathroom decor, like other parts, is to make the search for inspiration. Take a walk down the aisle to your bathroom renovation of the house or in a discount store. All you have to do is find something that you like to build the rest of your decor around. This could be anything from towels to accent tile design or even something as simple as a soap dish. There are many matching sets available that have everything you need down to the hooks shower curtain is suspended but there is no need to buy everything in one model or the other. You can mix and match two different styles that complement each other and create something new that is entirely your own.

You are not limited to retail stores either. You can browse the antique shops and auction sites online for a lot of unique items you can select. If you buy a durable plastic coating, you can even choose your fabric to make curtains and valances. if your bathroom has a window, You can “Dress Up” simple shower hooks with your own embellishments such as beads strings or prisms. Once you start looking for ideas, you tend to find them in the strangest places and that is the fun part.

A final tip when you make a small bathroom remodeling, especially for those of you with older homes: If you do this only for yourself with have no intention of selling in the near future and “just like” the old peint- paper and keep it and build your design around this. Keep it. Who knows? What is considered -not- “in” today can be considered “in” years from now. And then you’ll be the only one on your block with “original” bathroom design and decoration.
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20 thoughts on “Cool Bathroom Shower Remodel Design ideas

  1. Fennec Besixdouze

    omg, please mount those arms somewhere other than the toilet lid. It will still be quirky and ridiculous, but when you're going to be quirky and silly you should at least make it work. Mounting to a toilet lid doesn't work!

  2. John Gardiner

    You didn't put the link to the sliding mirror in your description,

  3. nyinfamous2k2

    DUUUDDEEE, thats one clever bathroom you got there. I really like how you have it setup.

  4. Nicholas Ter Meer

    The white woven baskets in the laundry area! Where are those from? I'm looking for something similar! Love the space!

  5. MaBu-Kunsthandwerk

    Der Alles Halter bei Min 1:10 ist Super
    was man mit alten Bürolampen so alles machen kann
    bei mir Zuhause hängen sie unter der Decke
    Gruß MaBu

  6. Rara Avis

    Ooooh…do you think those desk lamp arms would work for a hairdryer? I have never mastered the art of wielding a hairdryer and a round brush simultaneously. That's an ace idea…

  7. guineapigpink 7

    I would've shite myself if there what a floater in the toilet

  8. Lara O

    its so clean and calm, i love it… please do a whole loft tour 🙂

  9. Wabi Sab - E

    Only if those toilet arms were robotic to give you a massage and wipe after your business.


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