Contrasting Impact of Contemporary Bathroom Vanity and Modern Double Vanities

By | May 23, 2017

There are still many period houses existing in good condition around the world with contemporary bathroom vanity and are renovated with modern interiors. Period houses belong to the Colonial, English, French, or Spanish era with elements of a traditional style, in roof, doors, windows, and mouldings. Retaining some characteristics of the period styles give a traditional character to many houses of today. When these houses were constructed there were limited materials available. Now when the manner of living is different and materials and processes are adequate it is absurd to copy any of the inconveniences or limitations of old houses. On the other hand, the features that have brought aesthetic satisfaction to home owners for centuries provide a valuable precedent for those who are planning to build a home.

Various parts of the USA have developed distinct provincial types of houses. The outstanding reason for the development of dissimilar types was that immigrants reproduced the houses of their mother countries, especially where they were segregated in large communities. English, Dutch, French, Spanish, and Mexican immigrants all produced homes with native characteristics. The present generation can observe the beginning of a broad new culture, an experience that comes very seldom to the human race. No one can afford to be unaware of the constant evolution of modern vanities due to change in which now everyone participates at least as a consumer and spectator. Modern double vanities are a luxury in present times. However the existing houses utilize these fittings to their benefit. The choice is abundant and so is the style.

Skilful engineers, while striving for perfect functioning, create a type of beauty peculiar to its products. Aesthetics has correspondingly expanded to include appreciation of new proportions, functionalism, simplicity, and honesty in materials. The USA leads the world in modern architecture, which is acknowledged to be a genuine American production, free from European traditions. Modern architecture is democratic in principle. It does not imitate the palaces of the rulers. In multiple-housing projects of the federal government progressive architects have found their best opportunities for experimentation. Dwellings that are good examples of Modern architecture are built in the most progressive sections of the country. Unfortunately the American public is slow in appreciating Modern houses.

Modern architecture is expressive of life today. The architect interprets the social and economic structure of his time as a basis for his work. Through its design Modern architecture proclaims its own purpose and spirit as well as its own engineering and materials. Integration of art, science, and life is its aim. It derives from the architects’ success in achieving the right space organization, right functioning, right materials, and right techniques. In making their decisions architects are guided, but not dominated, by the necessities of their problems. Their individual interpretation prevents the Modern style from becoming stereotyped.

Contemporary fittings as well as modern ones display well demarcated lines, soothing and uniform polished mechanically finished glossy top, and very limited inlaid design. The effect is one of tranquilly, space and tidiness. The accentuated colours are the neutral tones of whites, blacks and browns. Dark colours are sparingly used. Some of the commonly used raw metals are steel, nickel or chrome. When it comes to bathroom vanity in this style a cabinet for towels and toiletries, and a counter-top model of sink keeps the trend going. Some of vocabulary used for contemporary and modern vanity is the verbiage, the vessel shaped sink of patina etc.

Even when undertaking a major renovation in the existing home the bathroom vanities of the modern type will consist of fixtures that require a plumber to fix it in place with allied adjustments in the wall and drainage. The colour, looks, size and cost will be your prerogative. The pick can be made from porcelain, copper, glass, granite, marble, acrylic, bamboo or even wood. Pedestal fittings are also in vogue. Contemporary and modern vanities are not two different identities. There are similarities between the two styles and when both styles are used in one bathroom they merge beautifully creating unity. The open cabinet trend of the past is not preferred now.

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