Contemporary bathroom design

By | August 1, 2017

Contemporary bathroom design

Bozberg Interiors design and install contemporary Italian bathrooms. Our award wining designer Carissa Snelling specializes in both kitchen and bathroom interior design. We are able to supply and install both handmade furniture and modern high gloss elements. We feature many wet room designs and all our work id completely project managed and fitted to the very highest standard. Bozberg Interiors together with Rainleaf Flooring also supply and install hardwood floors and Bisazza tiling.
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20 thoughts on “Contemporary bathroom design

  1. vk bathrooms

    This video is really impressive. Fascinated to see variant designs and creativity that you have implemented in #bathroom. Keep up the great work.

  2. michael smith

    And i will be contacting "YOU!" when i win the lottery!

  3. Sega Blossom 91

    I just imagined Knuckles the Echidna & Rouge the Bat having to share a bathroom looking exactly like that to take a bath & shower in a new game Knuckles being rated teen. But of course I imagined them in towels.

    Also I'd love that to be my bathroom.^_^

  4. Marbella Eye

    it is a very good video showing your designs in a way that poeple can watch the video and repeat it.

  5. jozef kielbasa

    Congratulations Carissa for winning New Designer of the Year Award !
    It was stunning piece of work !

  6. Lemon Fresh

    I will be contacting Mill-Due to design my bathroom…as soon as I win the lottery

  7. Haiquan Wong

    A bathroom item company name that sounds exactly like Mildew….really…

  8. vidiansodality

    This is absolutely gorgeous. Any chance these products are available in the States?

  9. meanderate

    very impressive – it seems Australia is the only country incorporating water saving ideas in their designs


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